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Fingerprint-Activated Electric Bike Goes 40 MPH, 90 Miles on a Charge

Part bike, part motorcycle, the Greyp G12 is the electric moped for the 21st century, and just to up the futuristic theme even further, it starts with a fingerprint scan. From the same daft minds that brought you the insane, 1,088-horsepower electric Rimac Concept One supercar (which still hasn’t reached production) comes an electric bike … Continue reading

Behind Sochi’s Futuristic Logo

Anyone who has watched an Olympics whose vision is sharp will notice that the logo for Sochi 2014—which appears in every stadium, on every ticket, and on tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Olympic merchandise—is remarkably different from those of previous Olympics. It contains no drawing and features only unassuming lowercase lettering, the five … Continue reading

Richard Branson on Growing Your Business by Building a Community

  by Richard Branson When you’re launching a startup, one of your first tasks is to identify potential customers and learn about their needs. This may seem very different from the goals I have described in previous columns about defining your business’s greater purpose and helping to tackle some of the big problems our society … Continue reading

Digital Creative – think beyond

Everywhere you look you are surrounded by screens – phones, tablets, televisions computers, billboards and more. Our world has become one of constant movement and has created a demand for mobility in our technology. With this shift from computers and television screens to portable devices, the design world has been flipped on its head. Print … Continue reading

New York Times redesign points to future of online publishing

The redesign The last time The New York Times embarked on a wholesale redesign of its Web site, in 2006, the iPhone wasn’t on the market. Tablets like the iPad were still years away. So the new design that The Times is unveiling Wednesday is generating much interest within the journalism industry, both for what … Continue reading

10 design trends of 2013

This year renewed our hope in the future of web and mobile design. A handful of services, apps, individuals, and trends showed us a more beautiful, elegant digital world than we’ve ever seen before, and we’re actually looking forward to highlighting them. Flatness Thank the gods skeuomorphism is finally, thoroughly dead. That wrinkled carcass was … Continue reading

Raju Narisetti’s Top 9 Challenges Facing Journalism

By Maryanne Reed With more and more people consuming news digitally, the future of journalism has never been brighter.  But journalists of the future will face a number of challenges, according to Raju Narisetti, senior vice president and deputy head of strategy at the new News Corporation. Narisetti recently shared his predictions about the future … Continue reading

Richard Branson: Business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better.

How it all began. Click on image to play the video Ever wondered how the Virgin founder got his big break? In this exclusive Business Insider interview Richard Branson explains how he started from the bottom…

Wired: We Asked Three World-Class Architects to Go Crazy With Legos

By Kyle VANHEMERT Photo Gregory REID When you open the Lego Architecture Studio set you’ll find 1,200 white and translucent bricks. What you won’t find are instructions for what to do with them. Instead, the set includes a 200-page guidebook filled with architectural concepts, Lego exercises, and insights from several renowned firms–all intended to give … Continue reading

Art Car: The Peugeot 2008 painted with “Firebird” from Boris Bućan: an art-car for a humanitarian project

  The Peugeot 2008 painted with “Firebird” from Boris Bućan: an art-car for a humanitarian project Peugeot Croatia has for the second year in a row launched a humanitarian project wherebya car is made available to an artist, who turns it into a work of art. The unique vehicleis then sold and the proceeds are … Continue reading

BACK to BASICS: Portraits

Portraits of people are one of the first elements of the photography used in newspapers.


Newspaper typefaces require a higher legibility then typefaces used for other printed products. Newspaper are printed on a paper of lesser quality under high speed.

Typography: x-heigh

In typography, x-heigh refers to the heigh of lower case letters without upper or lower parts when compared to capital letters...

How to redesign 1

Good redesign is driven by a deep understanding of the editorial mission of the publication.

Headline on photographs

The eternal dilemma! Dilemma of all editors on the planet Earth – to put or not put the headline or any kind of type in the photo.

Design Facts

Three elements that will greatly help you to understand how readers are observing you.

Typeface: NY Times Magazine

Sunday Magazine is an expansive family of fonts for information in tiny spaces and headlines at large sizes.


When, why and whether to use infographic. The basic fact is that infographic refresh the publication, and it contributes to originality of your product.

Get to know your readers

We have moved from a solid to a fluid phase of modernity, in which nothing keeps its shape, and social forms are constantly changing at great speed...

Designer George Lois

“I always knew I was the most talented kid in the school, ” says George Lois of his time at Music and Art. “I was lucky to be exposed to the city’s best art education"...

A well-designed publication

Everything that a well-designed publication must have...

Design Theory

There is no design theory and definition. There are only basic principles that are the base for recording designers ideas and imagination on the paper, tablet or your web.




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