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Color in media

The main role of color in today’s newspapers is to attract the eye, guiding reader through the page (site).
Color can make page to be full of energy, with color it’s easier to communicate with the reader.
The use of color is not just aesthetic, its use is regulated optical perception defined postulates, and research on color and its associations, also regulates the use of symbolic as defined by culture and environment.
But at the same time be careful because no matter how bizarre it may sound, one of the biggest objections to the reader the color was associated with red (in Croatia). Reasons to question why they bothered red color was that reminds them of communism, and it irritates them.

When choosing colors you have  to consider few segments.
There are three primary color characteristics movement, temperature and symbolism:
Trends Some colors like red and yellow are moving forward on the side, grab the reader and draw him inside. Blue and gray are more neutral and leave the reader with less excitement.
Temperature Some colors are hot or warm, some are coldish or cold. Content dictates which willt you use, but also the culture
Symbolism Be careful as I stated in relation to red, also in the sport – do not use the color of the opposing team for the derby because some readers will not forgive you.

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Professional in design and publishing industry. Conceptualize and orchestrate designs and redesigns that effectively reinforce and build brand images. Proven ability to drive record-high campaign in increasing publication sales and execute successful product launches...


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