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Reinventing great covers in the digital ages

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Nowadays,the pressure to create the digital magazine that will pop out in a digital stand it seams to become a huge challenge for designers just like it was for designers back in the 60’s and 70’s when competition started to grow rapidly.

Issue of Time magazine with the breast-feeding cover was the best selling issue for Time in this year.

It seams like designers rediscovered design again. It seams that designers are telling the stories again on the cover page. Just like they use to do it back in the old days. Media crisis made editors and art directors much braver than they use to be few years back. Because of that we can hope that we’ll se more great covers in the near future.

Today, magazines are again interested in hitting nerves on social media as on the newsstand. The Time cover left an impressive mark on readers just like George Louis use to make it with his covers for Esquire magazine back in the 60’s. Yes, on the cover of the Time we are talking about photography and George Lois use to design the cover based on his idea and illustrating it.  But readers reaction is most important and that is what we got here.

Pure cover design for digital magazine

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Professional in design and publishing industry. Conceptualize and orchestrate designs and redesigns that effectively reinforce and build brand images. Proven ability to drive record-high campaign in increasing publication sales and execute successful product launches...


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