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Arthur Hochstein: Daily Magazine Covers at the Political Conventions

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Bloomberg Insider was a 32-page, large format daily magazine produced for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in late August and early September. An old school, print-only publication, it was distributed at the convention halls in Tampa and Charlotte, as well as in area hotels and kiosks, and in Washington, D.C. Hochstein’s assignment was to create the daily covers, working with the project’s editor, Timothy Franklin. On the design end, Matt Mansfield (former deputy managing editor of the San Jose Mercury News and now a professor at Medill’s Washington Program) created the interior format and executed the page design, teaming up with Paige Connor of Bloomberg Government.

When Bloomberg decided to publish a daily magazine at the Republican and Democratic conventions this year, it was a natural choice for them to tap former Time art director Arthur Hochstein to be the creative force for their covers. Hochstein had done a stint doing covers for Businessweek while it was being redesigned by Richard Turley in 2010, and he also spent some time crafting covers for Tina Brown at Newsweek while Dirk Barnett was developing their new design. Norman Pearlstine, the chief content officer of Bloomberg, wanted covers that were distinctive, smart, and provocative, and done fast and with a limited budget. The visually striking photo-illustration style that Hochstein honed on countless Time covers was the perfect solution…

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