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SPD Amazon Store

The elves at SPD are back and have been busy once again to celebrate the season. They have created a whole new list to help you find that perfect present for your favorite art director, photo editor, illustrator, photographer, or creative person. We’ve made an Amazon store for one stop shopping on all these great … Continue reading

Mihajlo Arsovski’s design for Arsen Dedić, “Čovjek kao ja” LP in MoMA

Mihajlo Arsovski, Photography by Zvonimir Golob Album cover for Arsen Dedić, Čovjek kao ja 1969 Location MoMA, New York Dimensions12 1/4 × 12 1/4″ (31.1 × 31.1 cm) Credit Gift of Mirko Ilić Object number: 854.2015 Copyright: 2015 Mirko Ilić Department: Architecture and Design   Read More…

William Wegman shoots Bloomberg Pursuits Holiday Gift Guide

For the holiday issue of Bloomberg Pursuits, online today, legendary photographer William Wegman ingeniously poses his signature Weimaraners with the best gifts of the season. Wegman has been photographing his Weimaraners since the 1970s, and they’ve appeared everywhere from MoMA to Sesame Street. For Pursuits, Wegman dresses his adorable canine co-conspirators, Flo and Topper, in … Continue reading

Street Photographer

Being a street photographer is a bit like conducting a drunk symphony: You must make order of chaos. Only a few photographers do it well, and many of them appear in Cheryl Dunn’s film, Everybody Street, which chronicles the street photography of New York City. Dunn chose New York because it always has been at the center of … Continue reading

Newspapers without photographer? This might not work.

Above, the Chicago Sun-Times‘ front page the day after its local hockey team took home the Stanley Cup. Below, the Chicago Tribune‘s front page that very same day. This is what happens to a newspaper when it makes the decision to fire all of its photographers, as the Sun-Times did in May, and replace them … Continue reading

NYT’s front-page Instagram

Nick Laham “took what space I could get and worked with it” to capture of New York Yankees players on the team’s photo day. So yes. That was me in the locker room bathroom shooting portraits of the New York Yankees players with my iPhone. He processed the photos with Instagram, and one ended up … Continue reading

The New Economics of Photojournalism: Online Photography Workshops

Swedish photographer JH Engström has been running photography workshops for the past 15 years, teaching groups of 10-15 photographers for five days in Paris, Berlin or New York. It’s intense, but he loves it, he says. “You get to know the students and their work, and they get to know you too. In most cases, we develop a … Continue reading

Meet the Photographer: Platon

Photo by Platon Platon (Platon Antoniou) is a 21st century photographer who has taken portraits of many presidents and well known world figures. Platon was born in London in 1968, raised in the Greek Isles until his family returned to England in the 1970’s. He attended St. Martin’s School of Art and after receiving his … Continue reading

The NY Times Magazine: Photographs

Edited by Kathy Ryan with support from Times magazine staff members Stacey Baker and Marvin Orellana, “Photographs” looks back at highlights of three decades of photography published in the magazine. The result of over five years of work is a 447-page book, spanning 1,700 issues of the magazine and containing photographs from 140 talented image makers. The photographs are divided … Continue reading

Headline on photographs

The eternal dilemma! Dilemma of all editors on the planet Earth – to put or not put the headline or any kind of type in the photo. I’ve worked with editors who either love the headlines in the photo, or hate it. I know designers who have different theories about it, but trust me, all … Continue reading

Aston Martin DB10

Production will be strictly limited to 10 of the bespoke sports cars, developed and built by the designers, engineers and highly skilled craftspeople at Aston Martin’s Gaydon headquarters.

Architect Oscar Niemeyer

"My work is not about form follows function, but form follows beauty or, even better, form follows feminine."

BACK to BASICS: Portraits

Portraits of people are one of the first elements of the photography used in newspapers.

Typography: x-heigh

In typography, x-heigh refers to the heigh of lower case letters without upper or lower parts when compared to capital letters...

Designer George Lois

“I always knew I was the most talented kid in the school, ” says George Lois of his time at Music and Art. “I was lucky to be exposed to the city’s best art education"...


Newspaper typefaces require a higher legibility then typefaces used for other printed products. Newspaper are printed on a paper of lesser quality under high speed.

How to redesign 1

Good redesign is driven by a deep understanding of the editorial mission of the publication.

Headline on photographs

The eternal dilemma! Dilemma of all editors on the planet Earth – to put or not put the headline or any kind of type in the photo.

Design Facts

Three elements that will greatly help you to understand how readers are observing you.

Typeface: NY Times Magazine

Sunday Magazine is an expansive family of fonts for information in tiny spaces and headlines at large sizes.


When, why and whether to use infographic. The basic fact is that infographic refresh the publication, and it contributes to originality of your product.

A well-designed publication

Everything that a well-designed publication must have...