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5 tips for training print reporters to produce quality mobile journalism

By Judd Slivka One of the problems with mobile phones is that they’re so ubiquitous. Oddly, that’s one of the advantages, too. But if you’re trying to convert your newsroom into a group of gatherers, the ubiquity of the phone presents a problem on both the management side and on the reporter side. The crux … Continue reading

10 Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

by Grace Smith If you’ve ever wanted to build an app for your business, blog, product or service, but the heavy investment of both time and money put you off, you’re not alone. The good news is that entering the mobile market no longer necessarily requires thousands of dollars and months of work. There are … Continue reading

Poynter. 13 ways to get your journalism project crowdfunded

by Laura Shin at Poynter While handwringing over financial support for journalism is nothing new, it’s been especially fraught recently. From the Nate Thayer/Atlantic dustup to the possibility that the Tribune papers may be sold to the Koch brothers, everyone in media seems worried about funding the Fourth Estate. One hopeful sign for such worriers: … Continue reading

Create only Once for all Android Devices on Mag+

Mobile Publishing Pioneer Drives Next Wave To Create Android Apps. 4.2 Also Includes Several New iOS, Monetization and Production Tool Workflow Features   Mag+ continues its push to be the most innovative and flexible platform for digital publishing and mobile app development. To address the Android device proliferation, with its myriad of screen sizes, Mag+ … Continue reading

Mag+ Challenges Publishers to Re-Imagine the Issue

Three Years and 1,000 Apps Later, Touchscreen Publishing Pioneer Offers Four Key Factors for Success in Making Great Apps New York, New York, April 3, 2013—After three years and more than 1,000 touchscreen publication apps, Mag+ and its customers have learned how to unleash the power of this important medium. Contrary to the word of uninformed doomsayers, Mag+ … Continue reading

Don’t be “platform agnostic”

News publishers have to understand the contours of the shift or risk mobile becoming “digital hesitation 2.0.” The market research firm comScore recently released its annual major mobile report. A dive into the data distills lessons for journalism right now, some of them counterintuitive. Move aggressively to mobile immediately — don’t wait for revenue to … Continue reading

Earl Wilkinson: Media outlook for 2013

As executive director of the International News Media Association, Earl Wilkinson is constantly on the road, learning and sharing insights about our industry. This year’s annual outlook report is informed by INMA membership in 81 countries. Earl shared his observations as the keynote speaker for the Key Executives Mega-Conference produced by the Southern Newspaper Publishers Associaiton, Local Media Association … Continue reading

Engage younger readers in news through social gaming

Creating social games is one way news organizations can reach young people and engage them in reading news. A team at the University of Missouri created a social game last fall that featured challenges centered around the football team’s first season in the Southeastern Conference. A news feed with sports stories was posted on the … Continue reading

Pushing Automated Image Correction into the 21st Century

For the first time in history, the many thousands of publishers, photographers, creative studios and premedia operations prevented from taking advantage of professional quality, automated, image editing and correction — primarily because of price – are given a long overdue option in the easy-to-use, high throughput and economical desktop application: Organic Imaging, a new brand … Continue reading

Richard Branson’s Tip: Why you should treat your company like family

Many Chairman will say he looks at his company like a family and then acts in a way which makes you glad you’re not related! I have always pushed Virgin companies to walk the talk on that and ensure everybody feels part of the team. Colleagues should take care of each other, have fun, celebrate … Continue reading

Aston Martin DB10

Production will be strictly limited to 10 of the bespoke sports cars, developed and built by the designers, engineers and highly skilled craftspeople at Aston Martin’s Gaydon headquarters.

Architect Oscar Niemeyer

"My work is not about form follows function, but form follows beauty or, even better, form follows feminine."

BACK to BASICS: Portraits

Portraits of people are one of the first elements of the photography used in newspapers.

Typography: x-heigh

In typography, x-heigh refers to the heigh of lower case letters without upper or lower parts when compared to capital letters...

Designer George Lois

“I always knew I was the most talented kid in the school, ” says George Lois of his time at Music and Art. “I was lucky to be exposed to the city’s best art education"...


Newspaper typefaces require a higher legibility then typefaces used for other printed products. Newspaper are printed on a paper of lesser quality under high speed.

How to redesign 1

Good redesign is driven by a deep understanding of the editorial mission of the publication.

Headline on photographs

The eternal dilemma! Dilemma of all editors on the planet Earth – to put or not put the headline or any kind of type in the photo.

Design Facts

Three elements that will greatly help you to understand how readers are observing you.

Typeface: NY Times Magazine

Sunday Magazine is an expansive family of fonts for information in tiny spaces and headlines at large sizes.


When, why and whether to use infographic. The basic fact is that infographic refresh the publication, and it contributes to originality of your product.

A well-designed publication

Everything that a well-designed publication must have...